Conservative dentistry is a field that deals with the treatment of tooth decay and dental pulp disease. Thanks to the use of modern methods and materials, the filling is made in a very aesthetic and durable way, and the treatment itself is completely painless. Our clinic – operating in Szczecin – offers a very good level of treatment in the field of preventive dentistry. By using the help of a good dentist, you can count on full dental health.

Today, dentistry utilizes extremely durable medical components that our doctors use. Filtek Z250 microfibre materials and 3M ESPE Filtek supreme XT nanocomposites allow the color to be filled in the same color as the patient’s tooth. Gloss and color matching are excellent even after 5 years of insertion. We would like to point out that conservative dentistry to some extent replaces prosthetic services. A good dentist is able to cure and form even a significantly damaged tooth.

The materials used by every dentist in our clinic in Szczecin, in many cases allow for the cosmetic reconstruction of a tooth qualified by other doctors for reconstruction with a prosthetic crown, which is a much more expensive solution. In this respect, dentistry makes constant progress, which we also take care of.