What is bruxism?

Bruising, or gnashing, is a problem that many people are struggling with and it is not always conscious. Bruising can have serious consequences: spinal problems, sight, hearing, headaches. Treatment of bruxism is multi-stage.

Does your partner or roommate complain that you sound like a creaking noise at night? Do not underestimate this. Grinding with teeth, or bruxism, is not only a nuisance on the nervous background.

The unconsciousness of bruxism leads to complications Illness becomes a social problem.

More and more patients are complaining about it. Specialists suspect that it affects more than half the population! Some people do not even know that they suffer from bruxism or simply underestimate it. Unfortunately, still little sickness realizes that regular gnashing can have more serious consequences than glazing. Too bad, because it is untreated because of severe head and facial pain, spinal problems, hearing loss and sight. Often doctors can not find a specific culprit of all the ailments, and it turns out that sometimes it is enough to visit a good orthodontist and neurologist.

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