What is bruxism?

Bruising, or gnashing, is a problem that many people are struggling with and it is not always conscious. Bruising can have serious consequences: spinal problems, sight, hearing, headaches. Treatment of bruxism is multi-stage. Does your partner or roommate complain that you sound like a creaking noise at night? Do not underestimate this. Grinding with teeth, […]

Dentobus! How to shorten expectations on the visit to the dentist?

NHS – equivalent NFZ in Great Britain does not have a sufficient financing, dental care is forsome patients difficult accessible. The organization of the dentists of volunteers Dentaidtries to find a way out problem. Some British waitin the line until the dentist after several years. The group of organized into unions dentists in Dentaidfree of charge healing most necessitous help in dentobus. But properly in dentobus,because such exactly vehicle became rewritten inthe mobile cabinet. Dentists volunteers carry outin it all most important measures – extractions andfulfilment. Principally they receive pain patients.

What is Sandblasting for Teeth?

The sand–blast of teeth – intervention dentalhaving as a goal removal osadu from the teethand sprawienie, teeth were whiter. the sand–blast of teeth this is efficient intervention? The sand–blast of teeth this is the enoughpopular dental intervention. He rely on the removal osadu from the teeth, which we are not in the state to remove with the everydayszczotkowaniu of teeth. Additionally polishesteeth, they thanks to which are whiter andmore brilliant. Remove also bacterial plate andthe superficial overcolourings. On what relies the sand–blast of teeth? To the intervention is used the special sand–digger, which under the pressure throws outparticles piasku with water, this cleaning the surface of teeth. Sand–blast of the teeth of companions the earlier photograph of on teethstone with the assistance of supersonic ending(so–called skalera). After the interventionhowever the dentist puts on so–called the “liquid glaze”, which reminalizuje natural glaze.Thanks to this the teeth they are moreresistant on the overcolourings and caries. Sand–blast of teeth – after the intervention After the intervention of the […]

By what is sealing teeth?

Sealing teeth this is prophylactic intervention,which decreases the risk of development of carieseven about 90%. The intervention relies on the tightening of natural furrows of teeth seal,which smoothing and splyca the natural slits ofmolar teeth and premolar, that simplifies theircleanings, but additionally frees the ions of fluorine and strengthens glaze. Sealing is carried out both on milk teeth, how and fixed; however,possibly as quickly as possible after wyrosnieciuzeba (before begins to develop caries). Thereforemost often is carried out it at the children. At the adult it is possible to surrender to sealing the teeth of wisdom.  Sealed teeth they arenearly completely resistant on the caries for several years. There where in the furrows of teethwe suspect caries, before indicated sealing is a ozonization with use ozonu.

Strawberries in the union with cleaned soda can whiten teeth?

Dentists speak, that – few probable, fruits thesehow majority they contain sugar and they harm to teeth. They have however malic acid, which in fact puts straight the color of teeth. Howeverdentists doradzaja the professional whitewash of teeth in the cabinet or nakladkowo in the house.Add, that strawberry are source of calcium and of phosphorus which they strengthen bones andteeth and put straight the work of muscles.Strawberries additionally disinfect oral cavity andthey assure fresh respiration.