Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals, among other things, with correcting the position of the teeth. The goal of orthodontic treatment conducted at our clinic in Szczecin is to restore the aesthetic appearance and correct functioning of the chewing organ.

Orthodontic treatment can also improve the facial profile and correct the position of the lips. Orthodontics has an impact not only on the health of the dentition, but also on the beauty of the patient’s face. According to current standards there is no age barrier in terms of commencing orthodontic treatment.

At IPS-DENT we treat adults, children and young people. However, we must realize that children’s treatment is often faster and that some of the defects can be corrected only with mobile devices that do not provide the desired effect at a later age. In such cases fixed cameras are used. For these reasons, it is advisable to consult an orthodontist in even small children to determine the extent of a possible defect and to determine the specific course of correction.

The locks on the camera do not have to be metal – you can install aesthetical locks in the color of the tooth, which are virtually invisible. With the use of smoligatizing devices, we can reduce the frequency of visits to one in eight weeks and shorten the duration of treatment.

Remember that untreated malady can lead to serious temporomandibular joint disorders, digestive problems, speech, and caries (defects hamper accurate tooth brushing), as well as periodontal disease (periodontal disease).

As a result, they can lead to tooth loss. Orthodontics – successive stages of treatment Stage I – diagnostics We start with a diagnostic visit, during which we get impression of the teeth of both jaws and analyze the X-ray images.

Based on them, we make accurate measurements and calculations. This allows you to select and plan the appropriate treatment to bring the expected effect as quickly as possible. Stage II – treatment Set up the camera. Patient should visit our clinic once a month to activate the camera.

Constant checks are the basis for the correct course of treatment. Stage III – Camera picture and retention treatment Retention is extremely important because it fixes the correct setting of the teeth. It should last at least half the time of treatment with a fixed camera.

Depending on the defect, the total duration of treatment is 2-3 years.