Endodontic treatment refers to teeth that are affected by inflammatory pulp (tissue inside the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves) and dead teeth. The most common cause for this is deep cavity or tooth fracture due to injury.

Symptoms of this condition are severe and painful pain that does not pass despite taking analgesic. Fortunately, the days when the only relief was to remove the aching tooth.

Endodontic treatment (ductal) is a treatment that allows the patient to retain those teeth that otherwise would need removal and subsequent restoration with bridges, implants or implants.

IPS-DENT clinic is equipped with modern equipment for endodontic treatment, which runs entirely on one visit and is completely painless. Surgical microscope allows to treat very difficult root canals; eg very narrow, overgrown or curved.

Also thanks to the microscope we are able to find additional channels that are “naked eye” unnoticeable. The RAYPEX allows you to specify the channel length precisely. Thanks to it we can develop and fill the root canal precisely to the end, which is the basis for effective treatment.

An adjustable torque-controlled endodontic micromotor and the M-TWO nickel-titanium tool system allow you to delve into and develop even the most curved channels. Dental gauze gives you the opportunity to control the course of the treatment and to verify its correctness.