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🎁08.03.2018 – WOMEN’S DAY 

 As always, with our Patients in mind, our office has something interesting to offer.

 This time we have prepared some interesting facts about women’s day:

  1. Until 1993, March 8 – Women’s Day – it was a state holiday – he was abolished by Hanna Suchocka’s government.
  2. In Russia, this day is still free from work.
  3. Women … The average woman is criticized on average 36 times a day.
  4. Feminine hearing works more efficiently: we hear better, random melodies are easier for us to catch, we can repeat them better.
  5. Our taste is also better.
  6. We feel it more strongly, and our nose is better than the nose of men. We smell and smell more sensitive.
  7. As for the eyesight – here we are also leading the way – our eye distinguishes more shades, so we see – indigo, turquoise and lazury and our man simply – blue.
  8. We live longer. We care more about health and live an ugly gender on average by 6 years.
  9. Women are genetically stronger than men.
  10. Already as a girl we learn to read, write and count faster.

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