Implant treatment is currently the standard in the treatment of dental deficiencies.Dental Clinic IPS-DENT is a recommended partner of Nobel Biocare – the world leader in implantology.

We have performed over 2,000 implantations in different clinical cases. Top-of-the-range implants, 3D diagnostics and prosthetic solutions in CAD / CAM technology help to provide our patients with the best solutions for treating individual deficiencies, missing teeth, and rehabilitation of tooth decay.Our experience, confirmed by national and foreign certificates, is also used by Szczecin doctors and assistants in the field of implantology.


What are implants?
The implant designer is prof. Brenemark, and its implants are manufactured by Nobel Biocare to this day. Implants are titanium screws that replace the root of the tooth that is implanted in the bone. Due to the properties of titanium, the implant is overgrown with bone – so called. osseointegration (producing bone tissue around the implant without growing fibrous tissue between implant and bone).

For implants, using special elements called. The prosthetic restorations (crowns, bridges, prostheses) are fixed. Currently implantation is a standard procedure in the case of tooth loss.Until recently, the bridge was a standard, however, which was associated with the grinding of often healthy teeth.

Implant surgery
Implant surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It consists in dissecting a hole in the bone of the right diameter and then inserting into this implant site. The treatment is completely painless and the implant impression is comparable to the uncomfortable feeling of a simple tooth removal.

Prosthetic restoration
From implantation to implantation until prosthodontic surgery, wait approximately 3 to 6 months (until the bone implant is properly connected). At this stage, the patient is provided with temporary prosthetic restoration, providing aesthetic and functional comfort.

The next stage is prosthetic work on the basis of implanted bone. This takes about 1-2 weeks (depending on the type of prosthetic restoration).Sometimes it is possible to make a prosthetic restoration on the day of implantation – however, if this is possible, the doctor decides after assessing the pantomographic picture and the condition of the oral cavity.

Why implants?

  • Naturally complement the missing teeth,
  • eliminate the need to grind neighboring teeth,
  • provides comfort and stability of crowns and bridges,
  • implants prevent bones disappear,have been tested for decades,
  • With implants you can get rid of moving prosthetic restorations,
  • Through the use of special elements you can also improve the maintenance of the prosthesis.

Contraindications for implantation: 

  • severe systemic diseases,
  • taking anti-depressant drugsInsulin-dependent diabetes mellitusmental disorders,
  • alcoholism,
  • bad oral hygiene.
  • Implants used in the clinic IPS-DENTAll types of implants are manufactured by the renowned Swiss company Nobel Biocare.
  • These implants are used all over the world.

Nobel Active – is suitable for all indications and offers exceptional primary stabilization, especially in the case of poor bone conditions.

The Nobel Active implant has a particularly wide application in the aesthetic zone and in the case of immediate implantation after extraction.

Replace Select – the most used implant in the world.With excellent adaptability, easy to use and a wide choice of prosthetic options, Replace Select implants are applicable in virtually all clinical indications.

Nobel Replace CC – This is a modified Replace Select implant. Conical Conection prosthetic platform allows the use of prosthetic solutions suitable for Nobel Active.

Nobel Direct – one-piece dental implant.


NobelBiocare grants a 10-year guarantee to ensure that, in the event of loss of the implants, the implant is replaced free of charge and the patient is only exposed to implant replacement surgery.

New implants in IPS-DENT clinic Staumann Swiss company with more than 30 years of experience. Staumann implants are used all over the world and they are second in terms of the number of implanted implants. At the Dental Med clinic we use implants with hydrophilic and active surface SLactive to shorten treatment time to 3-4 weeks with prosthetic work.

Alpha Bio

Alpha Bio Tec is committed to providing simple and intuitive implant solutions while maintaining the highest quality of products. This is an implant that allows you to perform most simple implant procedures. The lower price allows you to reduce the cost of treatment.