In this case we must invest about PLN 2 into the baking soda which we will compose with other natural resources e.g. with strawberries. One should mash the strawberry and add half a teaspoonful of the baking soda to her. Next to put such blend on teeth and to leave for about 5 minutes. Strawberries contain the malic acid which is having an influence on discolourations, while the baking soda is removing them. In the end it will be sufficient to brush teeth, and to apply the treatment once a week. Similar action to strawberries has a lemon juice. However it isn’t possible “to go over the top”! Too frequent applying blends of this type is destroying the glaze. A baking soda is regarded as effective, natural toothpaste with the hydrogen peroxide. One should mix these elements for achieving the consistency similar to the paste, to brush 3 minutes, to rinse out and next to use normal toothpaste. Such a care is producing the desired effect, when we apply it every day. There are still a few similar methods, however the ones

they seem cheapest and least troublesome. Family ways on whiter


If we aren’t having enough the patience, whether natural methods aren’t also for us effective, it is possible to go to the dental surgeon which will perform the “dirty work” for us. Whitening teeth consists in putting the active ingredient on teeth

and for performing irradiating with special lamp. Earlier so that bleaching takes the expected effect back, one should prepare teeth for the treatment – to clean deposit and tartar off them (sandblasting and skaling). The cover method consists in carrying the gel form out to teeth which is being established for the night. Effects are visible after a few weeks and the cost fluctuates within the limits of 600-1000 PLN.

A laser method is more refined – the white of teeth is staying restored by acting of the group of the laser. The dental surgeon is deciding how many our teeth require treatments from here fluctuation of the price from 1500-3000 PLN. However effects are immediate and solving a problem is coming painlessly. An irradiation is connecting these two methods. The dentist is putting gel which next he is irradiating with special lamp what freeing onself causes of active ingredients and the pane effect too about PLN 1500.Practically every of these methods is expressed in offers for Grouponie, where prices are indeed much lower.

Teeth, in this dead, it is possible also to whiten from within, applying method walking bleach. Then inclusive substance peroxide is applied immediately to the chamber zeba. Intervention is repeated several times in the weekly distances. After the intervention of whitewash we ought by between 20 and 90 hours, but even several days, to avoid the consumptions of food inclusive substances coloring. Details will contain our dentist in recommendations.


Unfortunately not each can surrender this type to measures. The teen-agers of below 16. the year of life ought not to surrender to the whitewash of teeth, because the chamber of the pulp of teeth and nerves are enlarged. Intervention can irritate the chamber of pulp and cause, that state oversensitive. In the event of a outstanding oversensitiveness and defektow szkliwa the dentists regenerate whitewash. Exists also the risk of allergy on the middle whitening for example on most often used peroxide karbamidu. In the event of fluorozy the whitewash of teeth is not a good idea. Can it weaken, but cosmetic effect and so is not satisfactory. On the problem with przefluorowanymi teeth the best solution is a accomplishment licowek on the teeth. Then the color of teeth will be clear and equal.Most often they suffice licowki on 6 upper front teeth . If teeth they are strongly destroyed, better they are crown.

Let us remember, that if filling are in our teeth, they won’t undergo lightening. Prepared to the fact that every of bleaching methods will leave oversensitivity of gums to 2-3 days after himself. However bleaching agents quickly are neutralised by saliva and longer complaints aren’t being monitored.


In keeping white teeth applying the so-called white diet, i.e. eating of products which they aren’t fading teeth are helping. An exchange of the coffee, the black tea, the juice of the blackcurrant and cola for the branch water is recommended

if necessary white or green tea. It is possible to limit eating the pepper, spices and bilberries to the benefit of citruses and tough vegetables e.g. of kohlrabi and carrots which are wiping dental deposit off. Products containing much calcium (eggs, cheese, the yoghurt, or the soya) are enhancing the glaze, protecting from cracks which they are leading to discolourations. A visit to the dentist’s is very important once in half a year in order to take down tartar, in which bacteria destroying the glaze and precipitating coming into existence of discolourations are unrolling. If whereas we aren’t reliable whether it is already a time for the test visit at the dentist I am telling to test centres containing fluorescein. This substance barwikamień dental and lets assess the effectiveness of brushing his teeth.

However let us remember not to expect too much after the treatment. Our teeth won’t change their natural shade, the dental surgeon will remove only pollutants. There is often a colour in such a way that genetically conditioned of teeth she is lightly yellow, then by bleaching we won’t reach Hollywood teeth. Let us not lose our head! He/she attracts only a natural and hygienic smile, not an artificiality.

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