Cosmetic dentistry – whitening

For many of us, healthy and complete dentition is already insufficient. We want to make it even more pleasing and to exude the best possible impression. To a large extent, this beautiful white smile makes us feel more attractive and younger. This will help you to understand aesthetic dentistry. This is one of the services offered by our specialist clinic in Szczecin.
Why teeth? Recent research shows that the dentition is the second face of the face, on which the focus of our interlocutor.
Aesthetic dentistry treatments performed in our clinic:


  • porcelain veneers,
  • all-ceramic crowns,
  • composite restoration,
  • teeth whitening,
  • smile line correction.

Teeth whitening
This is one of the basic procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Both entire dental arches and single dark teeth (eg dead teeth after root canal treatment) are whitewashed. The method of teeth whitening is many, but the most safe for the patient is a whitening procedure performed under the control of the dentist.
Teeth whitening by Beyond
This method of teeth whitening uses a chemical based on hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide, which is activated by light using a special lamp (BEYOND Bleach Accelerator).
Recommendations before bleaching:

  • the teeth should be fully cured,
  • A healthy gingival state is required,
  • remove plaque.

Whitening treatment
A special preparation is applied to the teeth, which is exposed to the light emitted by the BEYOND lamp. This light activates and accelerates tooth whitening. Total bleaching takes about 45 minutes.
Long-term clinical trials and studies have shown that teeth whitening is completely safe for teeth, gums, fillings, crowns and bridges. Bleaching does not impair the structure of the enamel and does not increase its susceptibility to tooth decay.

The teeth whitening effect is long lasting. Keep in mind that teeth naturally darken with age. This process is faster if they are exposed to cigarettes, coffee, tea, wine, dark fruit juices, etc. After several years, bleaching can be repeated several times.

After treatment
After the bleaching treatment, you should watch for 48 hours. “white diet” (to maintain the best whitening effect you should eat dairy products). In addition, it is recommended to use fluoride-free toothpaste. For another 10 days, avoid strong tea, black coffee, black currant juice or red wine.

These are allergies to hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (however very rare). Bleaching should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation and in children under 16 years of age. The remaining contraindications are transient or only due to lack of studies.

Night Bleaching
Another method that we recommend in our cabinets is an overlay of night-time bleaching.
In the prosthetic laboratory we make individual for each patient rails designed for teeth whitening, so called. overlay. Along with the overlays, the patient receives a whitening gel that he / she puts on his / her own every day with the cap. Gel works on teeth all the time (all night). Repeat for several days to three weeks. The effect of bleaching is permanent and with good hygiene persists for several years.
We invite you to contact patients from Szczecin, expecting the highest level of services within aesthetic dentistry.