Surgery and Periodontics

Dental surgery is one of the most important areas of dental treatment. Therefore, in our clinic in Szczecin we have a specialist office adapted to carry out surgical procedures in local anesthesia. Treatment in this area leads with the highest qualifications and necessary experience dentist surgeon. During treatment we always follow the principle of “minimal invasion – maximum therapeutic effect”.

Types of procedures performed by a dentist:

  • implants for implant dentistry,
  • removal of retained teethremoval of wisdom teeth,
  • root apex,hemisections,
  • exits the root,
  • surgical extension of the clinical crown,
  • bone regeneration treatments using Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® materials,
  • periodontology treatments,
  • open and closed curettes,
  • gingival grafts,
  • gingival recession gumsuplift of the sinus cavity by open and closed method;
  • alveolar surgery,
  • provision of an orally-sinusoidal joint.