Children’s dentistry

At the IPS-DENT clinic, the child’s dentist takes even the youngest children. We encourage parents to bring them to the clinic. The rule is that the dentist never immediately invites children to an armchair, but allows them to get used to the dental office. The dentist shows the toothbrushes, explains to children how to properly clean the teeth, and rewarded them with colored stickers. The child is curious to see the clinics, meets doctors and in the meantime gains confidence and confidence. After a while, she sits on her chair and lets the dentist start treatment. We never treat the toddlers “for strength”, as this method can alienate visits to the dentist – not just children – for a lifetime. An experienced child dentist knows how to dispel the concerns of a small patient about the place of treatment and to minimize his or her distant or ordinary childhood fear. We would like to add that in our clinic in Szczecin we have the necessary equipment and materials specially designed for the treatment of children’s teeth.

We invite the youngest patients living in Szczecin together with parents to review and stress-free dental treatment at the child dentist.