Why should the missing tooth be quickly replaced?

Losing any of these is an irreplaceable loss for our body. This is especially true for children – intense growth and proliferation of the young organism can contribute to significant shifts in the rest of the teeth and their distortion, distortion of the jaw, and even facial changes, speech problems, chewing, and food crunching. Unless there are contraindications, the gap after the missing tooth should be completed as soon as possible.

This also applies to molar teeth.

Arthralgia and headaches Deafness, especially extensive, causes the patient to physiologically place the jaw while eating food.

In addition, the remaining teeth often function as they are not intended and are constantly overloaded. They are shifted, tilted, rotated – they lack a stable support.

As a result, the bite is rebuilt, diastems and abnormal contacts appear. This situation leads to disorders within the temporomandibular joints, often resulting in pain in the head, ears and jaw.



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