What is Sandblasting for Teeth?

The sandblast of teeth  intervention dentalhaving as a goal removal osadu from the teethand sprawienie, teeth were whiter. the sandblast of teeth this is efficient intervention?

The sandblast of teeth this is the enoughpopular dental intervention. He rely on the removal osadu from the teeth, which we are not in the state to remove with the everydayszczotkowaniu of teeth. Additionally polishesteeth, they thanks to which are whiter andmore brilliant. Remove also bacterial plate andthe superficial overcolourings.
On what relies the sandblast of teeth?
To the intervention is used the special sanddigger, which under the pressure throws outparticles piasku with water, this cleaning the surface of teeth. Sandblast of the teeth of companions the earlier photograph of on teethstone with the assistance of supersonic ending(socalled skalera). After the interventionhowever the dentist puts on socalled the liquid glaze, which reminalizuje natural glaze.Thanks to this the teeth they are moreresistant on the overcolourings and caries.
Sandblast of teeth  after the intervention

After the intervention of the sandblast of teethcompels 48  hours socalled  white diet. Sherely on this, that is not necessary at that timethe drinks of coffee, tea, cocacola, dark juicesand other colored beverages. Dentistsrecommend also resignation from burning of cigarettes.
Sandblasting teeth  how many lastsintervention?
The intervention of the sandblast of teeth lastsabout 30 minutes. Everything will depend onthe quantity osadu on the teeth.
The sandblast of teeth  how many costsintervention?
Prices fluctuate from 250 to 360 PLN.Everything will depend on the exactitude of intervention.

In IPSDENT we guarantee the highestprecision in the occasional price 148zl.

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