By what is sealing teeth?

Sealing teeth this is prophylactic intervention,which decreases the risk of development of carieseven about 90%. The intervention relies on the tightening of natural furrows of teeth seal,which smoothing and splyca the natural slits ofmolar teeth and premolar, that simplifies theircleanings, but additionally frees the ions of fluorine and strengthens glaze. Sealing is carried out both on milk teeth, how and fixed; however,possibly as quickly as possible after wyrosnieciuzeba (before begins to develop caries). Thereforemost often is carried out it at the children. At the adult it is possible to surrender to sealing the teeth of wisdom Sealed teeth they arenearly completely resistant on the caries for several years. There where in the furrows of teethwe suspect caries, before indicated sealing is a ozonization with use ozonu.

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