Is it possible too much to brush teeth?

Scientists from Chicago examined, that persons which are brushing and flossing teeth too often, much more are exposed to enteritis.The regional enteritis and the ulcerative colitis are affecting the state of the digestive system. They can trigger pain, diarrhoea and fever. Respondents were asked about their habits connected with the dental hygiene and of teeth in the moment, when at them non-specific enteritis was detected.

Examinations showed, that sick persons:

– They have more often brushed teeth

– They have much more often applied the dental floss

– They have more often used a breath freshener

– They have more often visited the dental surgeon

At sick persons for the enteritis also a higher probability of the faster spoilage of teeth, dry mouth and pain were diagnosed in the hollow ustanej.

Researchers are showing, that frequent brushing and flossing a kind and an amount of the bacterium can change teeth in the oral cavity. And next, perhaps to lead it to the lack of the balance in the bacterial flora of the digestive system.

As a result, can appear the appearances of the ignition of intestine.

Are necessary to remember, that research they do not confirm into 100%, that the frequent measures the hygienic oral cavities leads to IBD, do not suggest also, that measures the hygienic oral cavities is immediate cause IBD”.


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