What is calcium, protein and vitamin D contributing to?

All we know, that calcium, protein and vitamin are acknowledged d for the pivotal factors of correct development of bones and teeth.They contribute to construction of osseous mass, they decrease the risk of breakage and spowalniaja, process rozrzedzania of bones following with the century.

According to made public research in Journal of Periodontology, the charitable activity nabialu is not limited only to hard tissues of our organism, but also has influence on przyzebie.

The consumption of milk, serums, jogurtow and other products of milk every day in quantity of 55 grams and more definitely decrease the value of the index of the depths of gingival pouches and the losses przyczepu of epithelial, which this they are indicators of promotion parodontozy.

The excavation of gingival pouches and the loss przyczepu of gums to dental necks till the looseness of teeth they can be reduced!

Has this meaning not only in the dimension of a good form of gums and przyzebia, but how perfectly we know, also in the context of general health.

The diseases of gums since they are closely connected with diabetes, osteoporoza, by the risk of fall and other illnesses of the system of circulation.

American Academy of Periodontology confirms, that million adult people suffers on the ignitions przyzebia. Therefore dairy produce this is the basic element of the diet not only for the children and women, which they want to decrease the risk rzeszotnienia of bones, but for all society taking care of not only the gums, but also all organism.

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